Tour 2 lads

March 12th, 2015

Some people learn ideas and concepts through reading and writing them down — others benefit from verbal explanation, and even more people need to do the task with their own hands to really grasp the idea. We believe you should put all three of these methods to use and join us for an in-depth Wine Experience.

We’ll explain the what, where, why and how behind the winemaking process. We’ll tour the crush pad and get an in-depth look at how the wine is made — and what we do that sets us apart. We’ll visit the barrel room and talk about red wines and the aging process. To taste the difference, we’ll return to our private gallery and try our wines paired with a premium food plate. You’ll get to learn about food and wine pairings and see for yourself how our wines stand out.

Cost is $35 per person ($100 minimum, Maximum of 10 people) and includes a vineyard tour (weather permitting), cellar tour and a premium wine and food pairing led by 2 Lads Wine Educator, Caryn Chachulski, in the privacy of our gallery.

Booking is by appointment only. No weekend tours May-October. Call Caryn at (231) 223-7722 to reserve your tour today!